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Lake County Community Corrections provides the highest quality community correction services in the Sate of Indiana. It is recognized as the agency of choice with respect to planning, evaluating, and coordinating criminal justice programs and services in Lake County.


The Lake County Community Corrections Advisory Board provides three distinct set of values:

- Develops, implements, and monitors a broad range of Community Corrections programs
and services.
- Conducts and coordinates planning pertaining to public safety.
- Evaluates public safety programs and services.

The Lake County Community Corrections Advisory Board pursues these tasks in order to reduce anti-social behavior and recidivism. It also seeks to engender support among decision-makers and the general public for Community Corrections initiatives.


Lake County Community Corrections exercises three core values in the pursuit of its mission and vision.
- It is committed to inclusive and collaborative processes.
- It is mindful of and respectful in addressing social equity concerns.
- It demonstrates stewardship to the community through a commitment to quality improvement principles in the performance of all tasks.

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