Welcome to Lake County, Indiana
Auditor 2014-06-10
The county auditor must wear many hats including Key Assistant, Coordinator of Tax Collection and Distribution and County Comptroller.
Board of Commissioners 2014-06-10
Throughout the Indiana Code, the board of county commissioners is variously referred as the executive body or legislative body. In most Indiana counties, the county commissioners may adopt ordinances regulating behavior.
County Council 2014-06-10
The council has the ultimate decision-making power regarding fiscal affairs. The council has authority to view or review fiscal matters, determine proper policy, and set priorities for the allocation and expenditure of county funds.
State Board of Accounts 2014-06-10
Learn how State Board of Accounts conducts post audits of all public offices, ensures compliance with the statutes of Indiana, prescribes and approves forms and creates a uniform system of accounting and financial reporting in Indiana for all units of government
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