Welcome to Lake County, Indiana
Health Department 2014-03-13
Find out about many services offered by the Lake County Health Department including child immunization program and clinics.
Purdue Cooperative Extension 2014-03-13
Educating Indiana citizens through the application of land-grant university research and knowledge base to develop youth and strengthen agriculture, familes and communities
Lake County Townships 2014-03-13
Navigate thru information about the Lake County townships.
Lake County Hospitals 2014-03-13
Hospital directory for Lake County compiled by the Indiana State Department of Health
Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau 2014-03-06
In the midst of separation, dissolution or annulment process? Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau can assist in a reconciliation of married couples and the care and treatment of children, if any, and in the possible solution of any marriage problems or issues.
Lake County Schools 2014-03-13
Comprehensive list of schools and school officials in Lake County.
Parks and Recreation Department 2014-03-06
County parks are one of its most valuable resources. Explore the parks and find out about the annual Lake County Fair here.
Division of Family and Children 2014-03-13
Learn how DFC can help individuals and families take care of themselves.
Lake County Kids 2014-03-13
Website created by the Lake County Family Court Judges and lawyers to help all those involved and understand and get through a family court case
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