Welcome to Lake County, Indiana
Assessor 2014-03-06
Visit the Assessor office with real estate and personal property appeals, inheritance tax questions and to file your Not-For-Profit applications for tax exemption.
Clerk 2014-03-06
Need to apply for marriage license, record a will or make certified copies of records? The Clerk's office offers these and many more services.
Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau 2014-03-06
In the midst of separation, dissolution or annulment process? Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau can assist in a reconciliation of married couples and the care and treatment of children, if any, and in the possible solution of any marriage problems or issues.
Health Department 2014-03-06
Find out about many services offered by the Lake County Health Department including child immunization program and clinics.
Parks and Recreation Department 2014-03-06
County parks are one of its most valuable resources. Explore the parks and find out about the annual Lake County Fair here.
Public Works 2014-03-06
Learn when to contact and (and when not to contact) Public Works departments with your flooding, poor storm drainage, weeds and tall grass concerns.
Top 10 FAQs:
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Click to see the answer 5. Do you have an online searchable database for recorded deeds and other information?

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Click to see the answer 7. How many points will this ticket be on my Driver's License?

Click to see the answer 8. Are there other options available to me other than paying my ticket?

Click to see the answer 9. I missed my Court date, what do I do now?

Click to see the answer 10. What happens if the Ticket is not paid timely?

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